300 + Beer Media Professionals in the Directory

BeerJustBeerNews.com is a free news release distribution service for the craft beer industry. The service empowers breweries, distributors, or other beer related organizations to simply and easily send one news release and reach hundreds of beer media professionals, all at once.

JustBeerNews.com will save breweries time and money and will make beer bloggers and other beer media professionals more aware of changing news from the craft beer industry. It is completely free to send a news release and it is completely free to be added to the beer media directory.

JustBeerNews.com was created by the founders of BreweryFans.com in order to support and grow the craft beer industry. Anyone can submit a news releases, BUT all news releases will be reviewed to determine relevancy before forwarding to the entire beer media directory. If the news release is focused on interesting, compelling beer news, it will definitely get forwarded to the directory. If the news release does not get forwarded to the directory (we don't want to be spammers) then it will be posted on this site under the All Beer News section for the general public and Google to find.

For Beer Media

To make the most of this new service we need your help to create an accurate database of contact information from every beer media professional around. We also need your help to figure out how often to send releases and how to judge the relevancy of news. We know relevancy is a moving target and some news will be more regionally focused or more focused on certain audience such as extreme beer lovers. Please send us suggestions on how we can improve the service for you and help us spread the word!

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For Breweries

If you have news from your brewery then send it to us! News can be anything from a big event that is happening to a new brand of beer you are introducing. Regardless of how relevant you think the news is, you can write a quick couple of paragraphs and send it our way and we will post everything on this site for Google and others to find. If the news is fairly large in scope, then we will definitely forward it to the entire beer media directory and let you know as soon as we do. Also, if you have suggestions on how to improve this service for breweries, let us know!

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For Distributors

We know most distributors do not actively send out new releases promoting new beers. Well, that may be the case in traditional thinking, but we feel that is changing and that some beer distributors who want to grow their craft beer lines are helping their breweries do some of the promotion. If you are a craft beer distributor and might be carrying a particular news worthy beer in a new statee, send a news release letting us know your plans and even what the sales trends are. The more the beer media knows about new distribution, the more money you make.

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Jonathan, thanks for emailing me. This is spectacular! Ironically, I was just thinking about the problem of gathering all the PR sheets from all the different breweries, etc. Aside from writing this blog, I write for several other beer sites, so this will be very beneficial to me.
- Eli from Confessions of a Beer Geek

Good idea. You might try to amass physical addresses so breweries can easily send out product samples.
- Joe Sixpack

Hello Jonathon, yes, I would like to remain on your list. I think it's a great idea. We (thebeerinme.com) try to keep up with all current beer news, so this would be great for us! Thanks for contacting me and I look forward to your emails!
- Andy from The Beer in Me

Hey Jonathon, Holy moly. Impressive list!
- Brian Yaeger from Red, White and Brew Book

Great idea and keep me on the list. This can be time saving tool for beer bloggers and writers.
- Nashville Beer Geek

My info is correct. Sounds like a very useful service that brewers should embrace.
- Rick from Lyke2Drink

Happy to be part of this new and useful service!
- Scott from The Brew Club

This is great! Thanks for all the obvious hard work you've been putting into it. Please keep me on the list, and I will give you an update to my information, which I hope will soon be forthcoming.
- Lisa from the Real Beer Goddess