What Does Alcohol Do To Your Body?

When someone starts drinking alcohol for the very first time in their life, they feel happy, relaxed and confident, as well as more sociable. While there is absolutely no doubt that alcohol can have a pleasurable effect on people, there are actually much more disadvantages to drinking it than there are advantages. Some of the disadvantages of drinking alcohol include slow thinking, reduced coordination, impaired motor functions, and warped thinking. Don’t forget that these are just some of the disadvantages of drinking alcohol.

Keep in mind that the above mentioned negative effects can occur even after just one bottle of beer. There is one very simple rule that applies to alcohol consumption – the more you drink, the more negative effects you experience. And what about those pleasurable effects that we mentioned earlier? They will disappear quickly. Over time, your body will become damaged from drinking. In fact, it will become so damaged that you pretty much won’t even be able to recognize yourself anymore.


Did you know that alcohol can actually cause several types of cancer? Well, now you do! Apart from causing damage to the human body, alcohol is also linked to all sorts of negative mental states, including depression and anxiety, and even violent behavior and domestic violence.


When it comes to alcohol consumption, it is safe to say that liver is one of the organs that take the most damage. This is because your liver is where alcohol gets metabolized when you drink too much. Your liver can turn alcohol into a certain type of toxic that can actually cause cancer. Also, excessive drinking can lead to something called cirrhosis. Cirrhosis occurs when your liver cells become so much damaged that they just cannot be repaired. If this ever happens to you, and you refuse to stop drinking, you might experience liver failure, which can put your life in a big danger.

Heart and Bones

Excessive drinking can have a negative effect on your heart, as well as your bones. When you consume alcohol, your blood pressure increases. This increases the risk of heart attack. Another thing that excessive drinking can do to your body is damage your bones.


We all know that alcohol consumption is something that can cause a lot of damage to your brain, right? If you don’t remember what happened the night, you are probably suffering from temporary amnesia. Do your eyes twitch constantly? If they do, you need to stop drinking alcohol right now!