How Casual Drinking Affects Your Body Over Time

While the effects of casual drinking can differ from one person to another, most people don’t even realize just how dangerous their drinking patterns are for their overall well-being. Those people either don’t understand or don’t want to understand just how dangerous alcohol is for their bodies. When it comes to safe alcohol consumption, it can be defined in two different ways. For example, the U. S. Dietary Guidelines say that there is nothing wrong with moderate alcohol consumption. This translates to having two drinks per day for men and only one drink per day for women. But another agency known as the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) has its own set of rules when it comes to alcohol consumption. Their drinking rule is simply known as low risk drinking. What this rule does is set a limit on what level of alcohol consumption will put you at risk of developing a serious alcohol abuse issue later on in life. This translates to no more than four drinks per day for men and no more than three drinks per day for women.

The current body of evidence doesn’t show any significant difference between someone who drinks at this level and someone who doesn’t drink at all. However, there are some other things that people should take into consideration when it comes to this level of alcohol consumption, one of the being the fact that some people can handle a certain amount of alcohol better than others.

That being said, if you stay within the healthy limits of alcohol consumption, it is pretty much safe to say that you are at a low risk of suffering from any severe alcohol-related problems later on in life.

The Concept of Binge Drinking

More often than not, the concept of binge drinking is associated with college students and people who drink not just because they like to drink, but because they want to get drunk as well. This concept can be simply defined as three or more drinks for women or four or more drinks for men within one hour. The risk of violence and self-harm is one of the biggest problems of this concept.

Alcohol Can Be Very Dangerous For Your Heart

Long term drinking can cause a significant amount of damage to your heart muscles. It can also be bad for both your liver and pancreas, as well as your immune system. Heavy drinking can also increase your risk of mouth or breast cancer. With that said, your best solution is to stay away from alcohol altogether.