About Us

JustBeerNews.com is a free news release distribution service for the craft beer industry. The service empowers breweries, distributors, or other beer related organizations to simply and easily send one news release and reach hundreds of beer media professionals, all at once.

JustBeerNews.com will save breweries time and money and will make beer bloggers and other beer media professionals more aware of changing news from the craft beer industry. It is completely free to send a news release and it is completely free to be added to the beer media directory.

JustBeerNews.com was created by the founders of BreweryFans.com in order to support and grow the craft beer industry. Anyone can submit a news releases, BUT all news releases will be reviewed to determine relevancy before forwarding to the entire beer media directory. If the news release is focused on interesting, compelling beer news, it will definitely get forwarded to the directory. If the news release does not get forwarded to the directory (we don’t want to be spammers) then it will be posted on this site under the All Beer News section for the general public and Google to find.