Online Craft Beer Petitions Could Prove Revolutionary

Craft beer consumers have long been frustrated with the 3-tier beer system because they can not easily influence what beer brands are offered in the market.  Those days might be over as a new website called aims to empower craft beer drinkers to organize their demands so retail establishments know what their patrons want to purchase.  This simple idea could give craft breweries and distributors a competitive edge when convincing retailers to carry specific craft brands., located at, launched on August 3rd with a goal to help craft beer drinkers get the beer brands they want, where they want.  The new website allows any registered user to create an online petition for a specific beer brand and brewery to be carried at a specific retail establishment.  Other registered users can then add their digital signatures to petitions and also add comments to petitions.  Users who are interested in watching what petitions are created at a specific retail location can receive email alerts for new updates.

Informational pages at the bottom of the website give step by step examples to show how users can achieve successful petitions.  These pages also have information for retailers explaining how petitions can help establish a clearer picture of their patron’s changing beer tastes, which will ultimately lead to increased sales and profit margins.

pet1In order for the site to be valuable to the craft beer industry, it will need thousands of craft beer drinkers to create petitions for craft beers in retail establishments they visit frequently.  If this happens, retailers will begin to promote the tool within their physical walls and spaces, driving their patrons to organize their beer demands, and then hopefully offering more craft beer options due to the visible, centralize demand. is currently only available for United States and Canadian retail locations, but will be expanded for Europe and Australia very soon.  You can visit the “Ideas” page to leave feedback for this brand new website and we hope you start a local petition today.

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