Washington State IPA Challenge!

The Washington IPA Challenge
Saturday, August 22, 2009
Beveridge Place Pub

Here in Washington state, we are very proud of our locally produced IPAs. The Washington IPA Challenge is a chance for some of Washington’s best IPAs to face off against a selection of great IPAs from around the country, as well as against each other. This will give locals, and the rest of the country, a chance to see just how well WA IPAs measure up.

The first part of this challenge is a blind tasting where select judges will determine the best IPA and Imperial IPA out of a stellar lineup of submissions. Judging will take place on Saturday, August 22. We have some great breweries on board for the challenge, and the judges will have their hands full picking a winner. IPAs and Imperial IPAs will be judged separately. At the end of the day, they’ll determine whether a brewery from within the state keeps the Washington IPA Challenge crown, or if an out-of-state brewery can steal it away. Full results will be announced on Seattlebeernews.com after the competition.

The second part of the challenge will give consumers the chance to taste a selection of IPAs and rate them blind. Beveridge Place Pub will host a blind IPA tasting from Noon to 5pm on Saturday, August 22 that will determine the winner of the Customer Favorite award. Beveridge Place will have up to 14 IPAs on tap that you will be able to order and rate blind (sample sizes will be available).

If you are in Seattle, we hope to see you at the challenge. Otherwise, check Seattlebeernews.com for results after the competition.
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