March 28, 2023

Double Mountain Brewery announces 2023’s seasonal cider lineup (received)

Received: Three seasonal ciders from Double Mountain Brewery

This week Double Mountain Brewery announced the lineup for 2023 in its seasonal cider line, along with a refreshed branding for the series. There are six ciders on the books, and the brewery sent out samples—I received three yesterday.

Here are the details from the press release:

You’ll notice a new look for Double Mountain’s cider line starting in 2023. These labels are inspired by traditional matchbook designs from the 1940s 1950s.

This style spoke to us as it compliments our traditional efforts in our cider production, in which we keep it simple. We grow our own apples, cherries, and pears, and use fruit sourced from our orchard and other orchard friends abundant in the Hood River Valley. Our process couldn’t be more straight forward; we take local apples and pears, press them ourselves, and let the juice sit and ferment.

We were inspired by this vintage design aesthetic in the illustration style and used processing techniques to give the label an aged printed look. Some things you might notice are that the black appears to be printed offset, to replicate an old print plate being misaligned, as well as visible halftone dot patterns throughout the artwork, and an added worn paper effect. We hope this style creates a sense of nostalgia, while also offering something fresh to the shelves!

The focal point of each label is a black tree, which is a nod to our low-intervention approach to cider making. We refrain from adding sugars or flavoring to any of our ciders, so you can savor the honest taste of fruit in every sip— just as nature intended.

These ciders are bottled in our Refillable 500ML bottles. To learn more, visit

Estate Heirloom Hard Cider 6.9% ABV | .09% Residual Sugar Delicate aromas of spring apple blossoms accompanied by complex citrus notes and an earthy finish. Our Estate cider is crafted with old world cider apples grown at our Double Mountain home- Swihart Orchards in Hood River.

Perry Pear Cider 6.2% ABV | 2.1% Residual Sugar Light aromas of honey, pear drops, and green apple that end in a delicately sweet, gracefully tart and crisp cider. This 100% pear hard cider is a blend composed wholly of Hood River Valley’s favorite pear varieties.

Rosé Red Flesh Cider 5.9% ABV | .03% Residual Sugar Perceived sweetness rounds out the mouthfeel of this lightly tart cider, with delicate aromas of grapefruit and strawberry. Red-fleshed Mountain Rose and Pink Pearl apples from Hood River Valley that create an alluring pink hue.

Kingston Hard Cider 6.9% ABV | .09% Residual Sugar Native to the United Kingdom, the Kingston Black apple has a deep purple red skin and an amazing balance of tannins, acid and sugar. Grown in the Hood River Valley, this cider is tart and dry, with just a touch of ‘UK funk’.

Harrison Hard Cider 8% ABV | .09% Residual Sugar Aromas of dry orange blossom and sprightly honeydew. The Harrison apple, grown specifically for cider, was once thought lost. We are proud to bring this delightful apple back to the spotlight here in The Hood River Valley.

Maybelline Hard Cider 6.9% ABV | 1.8% Residual Sugar Notes of peach cobbler that quickly transitions into a citrus aromatic delight, ending in an easy, off-dry finish. Every sip of this fun and complex Hood River Valley apple and pear blend is just a bit different than the last.

The three that I received are the Estate Heirloom Cider, Kingston Hard Cider, and Rosé Red Flesh Cider.