March 28, 2023

Ecliptic Brewing and Fort George Brewery release Black Cold IPA

Ecliptic Brewing and Fort George Brewery release Black Cold IPA

The first beer of the year in the Cosmic Collaboration series from Ecliptic Brewing sees the company teaming up with Fort George Brewery to release Black Cold IPA, which is just as it sounds—a mashup of black and cold IPA styles. The beer will be released on January 18 on draft and in 16-ounce cans.

Details from the press release:

Portland’s Ecliptic Brewing and Astoria’s Fort George Brewery are releasing a Cosmic Collaboration beer this January. Ecliptic + Fort George Black Cold IPA will ship January 18th in 16-ounce cans and draft and will be the first beer in the series for 2023.

Ecliptic + Fort George Black Cold IPA is brewed with a variety of malts, including Pale and Munich, but it is the Carafa malt that really helps give the beer is dark coloring and touch of roast. The beer includes Harvest Yeast – a lager yeast – and is fermented warm, as Ecliptic has done with other Cold IPA beers they have made. A heavy dry hop includes Nectaron, Citra, and Idaho 7, creating a citrusy and tropical fruit flavor profile. The beer finishes dry and crisp, as is expected in the Cold IPA style.

“This is the third collaboration we have done with Fort George”, says Ecliptic’s Owner and Brewmaster, John Harris. “I think they make super beer, and I am excited to work with Chris and his team. At our first meeting, Chris proclaimed ‘let’s make a big, Black IPA!’ After mulling around with some ideas, I came up with making it in the ‘cold IPA’ style.” John continues, “As far as we know, this is the first Black Cold IPA ever made. Black IPA was a popular style back around 2012-13. We think it is time to make a tasty beer with black color, a touch of roast, and a big bold citrus and tropical dry hop character.”

Ecliptic + Fort George Black Cold IPA will be released in 16-ounce cans and draft throughout Ecliptic Brewing’s distribution network on January 18th. There is a release event scheduled the same day, starting at the Moon Room at 5pm. Visit Ecliptic’s website or Facebook event page for up-to-date details.

Ecliptic + Fort George Black Cold IPA

Brewed with our friends from Astoria’s Fort George Brewery, this Black Cold IPA is fermented with lager yeast and generously dry hopped with Idaho 7, Nectaron and Citra, bringing citrus and tropical notes. Finishing dry and crisp with a hint of roast, this beer is perfect for a chilly night of exploration in the final frontier.

ABV: 7% IBU: 50

The label threw me, it’s usually some sort of outer space or astronomical depiction of some kind, but this time it’s down to earth. Those are cargo ships with shipping containers on either side, in what is clearly ocean water, and the structure in the middle is the wreck of the Peter Iredale , which is near Astoria (Fort George’s hometown). All a nod to Astoria I presume.