March 28, 2023

Jar, barrel, pack or cardboard, how do you prefer beer? The most common searches on the Internet

Chihuahua, Yucatán and Nuevo León are the states where the word beer is most searched.

This Friday, August 6, International Beer Day is celebrated, a festival that takes place on the first Friday in August of each year and that arises in a bar in Santa Cruz, California, in 2007 with the idea of thanking the men and women who prepare and serve this drink around the world.

In this context, Mexico ranks tenth in the world for beer consumption and given its importance in the country, the data analysis agency Rebold presented a study of 513,720 searches related to this drink, carried out by Internet users in Mexico. Topics such as brands, presentations and points of sale are a constant.

The presentation of beer in Mexico is one of the most relevant topics, the Jar is positioned as the most recurrent search of users, (and if it is cold, much better) with 18.8 %. Carton is also of great interest, covering 17.7% of searches, while Barrel covers 17.1%. The 6 pack and the tray also occupy a place in the searches at the bottom of the list, with 10% and 8.6% respectively. It should be noted that in this area the words "Price" and "Places" where these presentations are sold are the most frequently asked questions in this regard.

Image: Rebold

Among the points of sale most consulted from the internet, 36% of beer tanks are found, becoming the most frequent search for barley lovers; followed by convenience stores with 24.1% and ending with some specific supermarkets (Oxxo-24.1%, Walmart-22.5%, Chedraui and Soriana 4.6%).

TIP for the sector : If these data are taken into account, developing “Delivery” strategies without intermediaries could bring economic and sales benefits, thus taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the “new normal”.

Image: Rebold

In what state do you look for more beer?

But, in which places are the most searches done on the subject? Logic would say that in the places where more beer is consumed, but this is not always the case. The states of the Mexican Republic where the most searches for "beer" are carried out are:

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Yucatan
  3. New Lion
  4. Queretaro
  5. Campeche

Image: Rebold

The days of celebrations increase searches

Considerably increasing searches on certain holidays, including Beer Day, Birthdays, Father's Day and Christmas.

Thus, from the marketing point of view, this type of analysis allows creating important strategies based on consumer interests in Mexico, which allow greater sales for brands and distributors.

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By the way, to satisfy curiosity, Modelo (10.60%) is the most sought after beer brand on the net, followed by Victoria (9.06%), Corona (9.01%), Ultra (7.13%), Tecate (4.83%), Pacific (4.29%), Miller (3.75%), Indio (3.73%), Martens (3.34%) and Guiness (3.24%).

Image: Rebold